Shipping Policy


We aim to deliver the products you purchase as fast as possible and in the most brilliant condition. For every purchase that you do, no shipping charges are applied.

In case you want to return a delivered order,  you will have to self-ship the package.

1. Can you tell us the shipping charges on Tracer’s products?

We offer free shipping pan-India on all our products.

2. How long does it take for an order to reach us?

We strive to process all the orders and also ship within a day. The exact time of shipping is dependent on availability of some products. According to the shipping address that must be within India, after ordering, it could take anywhere between 7 to 10 working days for the order to be delivered. A rare case may dictate for the order to get delayed due to the non-accessibility of the address.

3. Does Tracer deliver any product outside India?

Tracer doesn’t deliver its products anywhere outside India. Only the placement of the order can be done from anywhere on the planet, but the address of delivery must be within India.

4. How would I get to know whether I live in a serviceable area or not?

If you wish to know about the serviceability of your region, you may talk to us at +91 78377 18400.

  1. I have ordered from Tracer before, and I received the product then; however I’m unable to place any order to the same address now!

Some of the pin codes which used to be serviced by Tracer earlier are now unserviceable because of courier issues. If you place an order with these pin codes now, we will be unable to fulfill or even take the order that you’re trying to place. You can provide another address whose pin code is serviceable and you’ll be able to place the order successfully. Do contact our customer care +91 78377 18400 to know about the pin codes that are serviceable.

6. What are the means of delivery?

Depending upon the location and your reach, we employ other domestic service providers that are also reliable, for the delivery of our products.